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About Emily

Simply put: I teach people how to cook so that making meals can be the least stressful (and even enjoyable!) and most delicious part of your day!

I wish I could say I have loved cooking my entire life….but honestly that hasn’t been the case for me!

It wasn’t until college when I was studying dietetics that I completely fell in love with food. As a dietetics major, I became an expert in the science behind food. And when I moved abroad after college, I became absolutely obsessed with food beyond just nutrition.

I was absolutely enthralled by food as culture. As history. As part of people’s stories. So I dove head first into the culinary world and have been diving deeper ever since.

xo. Emily Sullivan

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I get it- trying out a cooking class can be intimidating if you don’t know what to expect, wondering if you’ll like it, and if you’ll even learn anything!

I’m pretty darn certain that we all have something new to learn when it comes to cooking (heck, I learn something new all the time and this is my job!).

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What they’re saying!

Emily is an incredibly talented chef

Sharing her knowledge and experience while also being down-to-earth, personable, and funny. She truly loves cooking and teaching others to cook, whatever your skill level. Her classes are sprinkled with tips and tricks from her trade and leaving you feeling knowledgeable and empowered to continue your cooking journey. Looking forward to your next class.


We learn so much about cooking in general while cooking up a delicious meal each time!! Emily is able to answer any and all questions during the class. No question is too basic esoteric. Her depth of knowledge is impressive and her presentation is very professional.

I highly recommend!

This class was so fun, knowledgeable, and very tasty! I highly recommend! Emily is so pleasant and went at a great pace, checking in often, so it was not overwhelming unlike other virtual classes I’ve tried. I will definitely be joining her in other classes, and you should too.

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